Lawn Care Plans

  • Early Spring; Application of a lawn feed and weed treatment.
  • Late Spring; Scarify the lawn to take out dead moss and thatch, followed by Aeration (spiking) which allowing air to get to the grass roots encouraging soil microbes to flourish.
  • Summer; lawn feed, this will ensure continuous and healthy growth.
  • Autumn; Scarification may be needed to remove any build-up of thatch. Aeration will be necessary to allow air to get to the roots of the grass. Apply lawn feed to prepare your grass for the winter.
  • Winter; Grass carries on growing and only stops in very cold and freezing weather and need to be mowed right up to early December and possibly once or twice after that. The lawn may need extra nutrients if the weather has been mild.

A lawn care plan can be put into place at any time of the year but we would recommend taking advantage of the whole year programme. Lawn care plan and costs to be agreed.

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