Irrigation and Drainage

Water companies are now considering removing automated irrigation systems from hosepipe bans because it’s an economical way to water your garden using less than watering cans. Irrigation is also more economical on your pocket.

  • All the systems we use are fully automated and designed to suit your garden needs. All areas of your garden can be irrigated; pots, hanging baskets, lawns, borders and beds – even hedges. Using an irrigation system there are no run-offs and water waste because the water is delivered to the plants root zone giving the maximum benefit to your garden.
  • There are many different systems available from a simple leaky hose set up to a fully computerised system using header tanks to give mini-spray, drip feed and pop ups all controlled by moisture sensors.
  • We can re-direct your waste water pipes into the irrigation storage tank.
  • Poor drainage can sometime cause damage in your garden. Dealing with the problem is important both for the plants and for use of the garden. There are several methods for draining waterlogged ground depending on the severity of the problem, from a simple French drain to an automated sump pumped into your drains or water reservoir.

Aftercare service is available keeping all systems running smoothly.

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