Have your garden tidied for Christmas and the New Year

  • Paths and paving areas cleaned
  • Remove all the leaves and debris from the lawns. Leaving some in the garden from wildlife.
  • Cutting back any herbaceous perennials to ground as they begin to die back. Saving anything with attractive seed heads. They will look great when the frosted over.
  • Clip lawn edges
  • Give shrubs a prune to improve the structure.
  • Protect semi hardy plants with horticultural fleece.
  • Move pots into greenhouse, summerhouse and conservatories.
  • Remove dead, diseased or damaged branches, particularly with your trees. This will help to prevent stems from rubbing which can cause wounds to branches.
  • Empty compost bins and spread well-rotted organic material over the beds.
  • Replenish bins with this year’s waste ready to be next year’s goodness.
  • Tidy ponds and water features
  • Clean garden furniture
  • Repair garden structures.
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