Garden Design and Build process

We provide a full garden design service, be it a re-design to a part of your garden or a complete design from scratch.

We will provide you with our professional skills helping you to accomplish your vision for your garden from conception to completion.

  • Consultation. Discussion about your requirements, ideas and budget for your garden.
  • Discuss scale of fee’s and terms and conditions for design.
  • Survey of the garden
  • Design quotation for approval
  • A draft design, meeting for approval. Amendments if required.
  • Production of full design drawings.
  • Presentation of design drawings
  • Production of detailed written design quotation
  • Presentation & discussion of the quote
  • Scheduling of a commencement date and time frame. You can request a garden design and have another contractor build your garden for you. Fees will be subject to our involvement as required.
  • A budget needs to be in place for the aftercare when the garden design has been completed, whether your require us to maintain your garden or make alternative arrangements so the design can fit in with funding available.

Large landscaping projects should be designed as a whole to maintain continuity. If funding is not readily available to fund the whole design, the project should be completed in stages to allow harmony and consistency.

Planting plans can be drawn up on request. The process is the same as the production and presentation of a garden design.

Water features are one of the main features that are added to a garden. The process is the same as the production and presentation of a garden design.

Where we can, we like to recycle materials already available within the garden.

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