Lockdown has given us an opportunity to work on some of our own projects in our own homes, and so we thought that we would show you what we’ve been up to over the lockdown period.

Karen and Tony have had a pond in their own garden for a number of years and have enjoyed tending to the fish and seeing the wildlife which the pond attracted. Unfortunately, a heron came and took all the fish from the pond so it had become less of a garden centre-piece.

With the arrival of their grandchild in the last year, they wanted to make it a child-friendly garden and so this included filling the pond in Here are Tony and Karen describing how their garden has changed in recent months:

“We wanted to removed the long-established pond from our garden, so to start off with, we took out all unsuitable plants from the pond and re-homed them. We then removed the pond plants, newts and the few fish we found when emptying the pond, and these were taken to a clients’ pond which we renovated earlier in the year.

Once we were happy everything has been removed, we took out the water and then filled in the bottom of the pond with some of the hardcore from the construction of the pond for drainage.

We then added top soil to level up the garden and laid new turf over the garden.

Additionally we erected a new fence to the right side of the garden as the previous fencing had seen better days.

We then planted a june-berry and silver birch tree to encourage birds as we do love to see the wildlife visiting our garden during the year. There is also more planting to be added through spring, summer and autumn to give an all year-round colour and interest

We now have a much more functional space, which our grandchild can visit (once lockdown is lifted!) and which is also a. lot easier to maintain and look after!”

If you have a garden which has features in it which once were wonderful but have now seen better days, and you would love to simplify your garden space with a re-turfed lawn and borders again, or for landscaping of any kind then please do get in touch as we’d love to help!

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