Building Fencing for Horses

In the Gardening Industry we get to undertake so may different types of commercial and residential jobs.

We recently spent the day creating fencing for a local land owner who wanted to keep their animals safe. It’s not a typical job that we would do every day, but we were only too happy to oblige and to put our skills to good use for this purpose.

Having good fencing for horses is so important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it ensures that the animals are kept safe in one area and can’t go wandering off! It also acts as a deterrent from intruders and means that they are less at risk of being stolen or injured.

Horses are fast moving animals and so they need a more visible fence than other animals. We dug quite far down to set the posts, and we were also careful to ensure that the fencing materials we used were strong and durable enough to endure the elements.

If you have fencing requirements whether for a private garden or residential or for commercial purposes including farm use then we are always very happy to oblige. Simply give us a call on 01438 728176 or our website for more details.