Common Garden Plant Diseases

It can be hard to know how to treat Garden Plant diseases unless you know what you’re dealing with.

Here are a few plant diseases that we commonly see in our clients gardens. Hopefully by knowing what they are, you will be able to look out for them and identify them more easily.

We’re always happy to try and advise on plant diseases, so why not get in touch!

Client Project: Low Maintenance Cottage Garden

Recently we shared plans on social media for a low maintenance garden which we created for a client in a terrace cottage property with a 16m x 4m narrow garden. Now we’ve completed the work, we are able to show you the pictures of the finished garden also!

Our clients requests included:

  • Low maintenance garden
  • No lawn
  • Plenty of entertaining space.
  • Defined planting beds.
  • Height to the garden without using trees

Our thoughts on the design of the garden were to have nice tidy garden coming out from the house and as you go down the garden, then breaking it up a bit to make it a bit more random, in keeping with a cottage style garden.

We recommended slightly raised beds for planting defining patio and paths. We also recommended space for seating in different parts of the garden for entertaining, suggested using all the garden not just the main patio.

We carried out a variety of works on the garden including:
• Replacing fencing on both sides.
• Cutting back vegetation to once side to the boundary.
• Replace gate.
• Take up existing patio.
• New flowers beds made from sleepers
• Lay new paving stone and point patio
• New brick path laid in a herringbone style
• A new pergola which we built without giving too much cover, to give height to the garden and a distinctive zone. The Client is planning on hanging lights from this.

We think that our client now has a much more functional, usable space which they can enjoy.

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Common Garden Pests

Common Garden Pests can be a nuisance when you’re doing your best to grow plants in your garden and keep them in tip top shape, but you keep finding they are being damaged. Many of these creepy crawlies can be managed with a few of these tips:

  • Erect Physical Barriers – Cover your crops with a fleece or in a cage to prevent pests from eating the crop.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for pests attaching your crops and take action as soon as you can
  • Encourage Natural Predators – Encouraging bugs and flies who will eat through Aphid colonies can help you to keep any infestations under control.
  • Keep your plants in tip-top condition. The better condition your plants are in, the more resilient they are to attack
  • Use Eco-friendly Chemicals. Using the right chemicals (safely) can help to keep some of these pests at bay.

We hope we haven’t made you too itchy looking at some of these common garden pests.

We’re always happy to try and advise on what you can do to stop your plants being attacked by garden pests, so why not get in touch!