Natural pond


Construct & maintain

The Challenge

The challenge was to construct a large natural self-sustainable pond.


The Solution

The initial stage was to create the shape and depth by removing the soil. A drainage system was the put in place under the pond to prevent water build up (excessive rain fall and flooding) between the soil and liner which could potentially lift liner making the pond overflow. This was done by another contractor working in conjunction with ourselves.

A profile of the pond was created to by making shelves for deep water, midwater and marginal planting. We applied a layer of sand then covered with a protective pond liner underlay ensuring a shield from any sharp objects. We then covered with a pond liner. We used a good quality Butyl rubber liner which gives high flexibility to create natural contours to the pond profile.

We then began to fill the pond with water. When it’s full the pond must be left for at least 48 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate before any planting can take place.

We then planted with the correct amount and type of plants to create a natural environment for a self-sustainable pond. After a minimum period of 72 hours, once the water chemistry and temperature of the pond had stabilised we then added fish and other pond life.

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